What will we cover in Flower Truck 101?

  • Business Basics
  • Farmers Markets, Pop Ups, Events and More
  • Sourcing Flowers and Flower Care Tips
  • Things to Consider When Looking for Your Truck
  • Tools and Tips
  • and more!
What's included with the
Flower Truck 101 course?

I'm so glad you asked! With this course you'll have access to educational video content and you'll be able to watch as many times as you'd like. You'll also have access to valuable set up and event videos, photos and downloadable documents. Plus we'll do one live 1:1 Q&A/coaching session via Zoom to answer your questions and talk about ideas for your business. And, we'll have a private Facebook group for Flower Truck 101 students. In other words, you'll learn a lot, get a lot of support and have a community of other flower truck owners.

Because I’m in the beginning stages of this whole adventure, Missy’s course was so insightful. Having done tons of research myself and reading every piece of content it was great to hear someone speak about the things I’d been learning while sharing her experiences and knowledge. The Q&A was super helpful. 100% worth the money and time.

Cindy D., Houston, TX

Both classes were great and I learned a lot! I appreciated Missy's honesty and willingness to answer our individual questions too. She covered the basics well, which gives you a great overview as well as some beginning actions to prepare for. I'm still in the beginning stages of wanting to use my truck for business endeavors and this was definitely value added for me! I feel like it also helped me decide on which direction I think I want to go. . . and that clarity is worth a lot!

Rachel S., San Antonio, TX

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Magnolia Flower Truck kicked off our first two weeks with four public market events and a private event. We attended two trainings with Missy that were packed full of how to’s, pricing, flowers to stock and more. Sharing with other business owners has been instrumental in our quick success!"

Tamara S., Fairhope, AL


I’m Missy Rolfe, owner of Honeybee Flower Boutique and our 1967 flower truck, Rosalee. I'm also the founder of Flower Truck Friends.

I developed Flower Truck 101 because it's what I wish existed when I was launching my flower truck business years ago. I'm here to share what I've learned along the way so you can get out there quicker sharing joy with your flower truck!

I love serving those in the flower truck world and helping them launch and grow their beautiful businesses.

I can't wait to "meet" you on the course videos and on our 1:1 Zoom Q&A/coaching session.

Flower Truck 101 will get you up and running quicker!